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  FRT technology of the present invention is broadly concerned with the generation of free radicals in the water to be treated. More particularly, nascent oxygen ( O• ),per-hydroxyl (HO2•)and hydroxyl radicals are generated by means of  a FRT electrochemical cell of special design. The free radicals that the cell produces in the water that acts as hostess to the free radicals - atomic oxygen ( O• ), per-hydroxyl (HO2•) and hydroxyl (HO•) C form fields of countless highly reactive bubbles, ranging in diameter from 1 and 10 microns. Fig.A

  The massive radicals atmosphere of oxygen ( O• ), per-hydroxyl (HO2•) and hydroxyl (HO•) developed in the water, constitutes an exceedingly powerful oxidizing field, destroying by oxidation all organic material, including in particular, such micro-organisms as bacteria( including Legionella), viruses and cysts that come within its field. All such material is reduced substantially to water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Ozone / O3 (ozone produced in the water that does not diffuse into the atmosphere and is, in consequence, harmless) and hydrogen peroxide  (H2O2) are formed as a result of the interaction between the aforesaid free radicals and the water molecules (H2O) . Ozone ( O3) and hydrogen peroxide, (H2O2) being themselves strong oxidizing agents, will, at the same time, serve to produce further nascent oxygen ( O• ), per-hydroxyl (HO2•) and hydroxyl (   HO•) radicals. These will provide a long residual disinfections power.
  Hydroxyl (HO2•) and hydroxyl radicals, with their products ozone ( O3) and hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2), kill bacteria at a rate of approximate 10,000 times faster than chlorine ( Cl2 ). The time required to kill bacteria is between a fraction of a second and 2 seconds.
Chlorine ( Cl2 ) can also be produced from the chloride ions which, almost always, are to be found in the water. Whether chlorine is so produced depends upon the nature of the materials employed in the FRT cell. It is understood that although sharing common features, the cells may be tailored to produce a range of variations in performance.
  Chlorine ( Cl2 ) will be oxidised by the free radicals and their products, ozone and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), as soon as it formed, generating chlorine dioxide. Chlorine ( Cl2 ) is not detected in the water because of its complete conversion into chlorine dioxide( ClO2 )

                          Cl2 ++ (O•, HO2•, HO•, O3 , H2O2 ) ClO2 + H2O 

  The special design of the FRT electrochemical cell has a high faradic efficiency that converts some of the ozone, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide, to oxygen ( O• ), hydroxyl ( OH • ), perhydroxyl (HO2 • ), and chlorine oxide ( ClO • ) radicals.

  ClO2 will undergo photo dissociation and electro dissociation to a highly reactive ClO • and O • radicals in the presence of UV, either naturally from sunlight or from a UV source, and in the presence of an electrolysis process.

 ClO2   ClO • +O • 

  Chlorine dioxide can be electro/photo-activated. 
  The bio-mass is substantially reduced to water and carbon dioxide as the oxidizing actions rupture the bacterial cell membrane and bacterial cellular components. The process, known as cell lysing, results in the cellular cytoplasm being dispersed in the water. This leads to a rapid breakdown of dissolved organic matter, even to the extent of destroying compounds that are difficult to degrade biologically. 
The disinfections/treatment power can be controlled according to the level of disinfections/treatment required. This is based on the fact that the current efficiency is a function of the current applied. It is the proportion of the current supplied to the FRT electrochemical cell that goes towards the desired production of the oxidants. Consistent efficiency has been obtained using a current ranging between 50 amps and 1000 amps and voltages of between 2 and 6 volts. 
The FRT special designed cell is capable of eliminating scale problem. It will create an electro-magnetic field that will enhance nucleation within the water mass, whether in the tank or the water flow system. This action will lead to a homogeneous precipitation rate of calcium carbonate CaCO3 and other certain minerals like magnesium carbonate / sulphate MgCO3 / Mg SO4.  Instead of leaving scale deposits on the pipes, heating elements, whether for heating systems or washing appliances, and in the tanks. This scale deposit will be removed through the filtration system, leaving water with a reduced concentration of the scale forming ions. That will prevent the super saturation of the scale forming ions on the walls of the pipes, heating elements, whether for heating systems or washing appliances, and in the tanks.
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